Halloween Party

The person wearing the devil costume said she was trying not to laugh at this picture set up. 

luckily the mask covered her smirk.

We  had a spooky Halloween party that was a lot of fun.  We had cats that came for candy and mischief, dominoes that counted on a good time and a nun who came to bless our building to protect it from evil.  Well, not evil but  a wicked good time that.  We had lots of cute costumes ranging from Little Red Riding Hood, a devil, Mary, Joseph, a Nun, Cats, a Hippie, death 2 costumes, skeletons and raggedy Ann with bunny ears.  We decorated cupcakes and pumpkins. We had scary stories and bingo.  Did we mention lots and lots of candy? We ate ribs too.  (spooky laughter)  it was very halloweeny.  We had Pot Roast and cake, pop and fun.  We also had door prizes and a costume contest as well as a celebration for our October Birthdays.  A wonderful time.



costume winner




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