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Little brother beary and blue bear.jpg

Moonbeam the blue bear and Bearington Bear.

Peer Support Buddies.

All the buddies provided by members and by the Activity Director

Event Buddies_edited.jpg

The Peer Support Buddies, allow members to have something to hold, talk to, enjoy the company of, and enjoy the sensory of.  it brightens peoples day. can be used to relieve emotions and it's just a great way to say that we care.

Hi, I'm Tony, next to me is Cocoa, and my son Chief. Tony and I came from the circus. Cocoa is from the zoo.  We all  came from events Sunshine went to.

Maggie Moo.jpg

Hi, i'm Maggie. 
Sometimes its okay to have a cow and sometimes its not. I'd be happy to sit with you so you can have a silent cow. 

doctor hopper.jpg

Hi. I'm Dr. Hopper. I specialize in removing frogs from throats, butterflies from stomachs and I'm a great listener too.

buddy miso.jpg
buddy pinkie.jpg
buddy roasie flamingo.jpg

Hi, I'm Pinkie and next to me is Dainty.
Why should you hang out with us?  Because, everyone needs a pink flamingo for a friend. We love standing out. If you do too we're the pair for you. 

buddy hawaii.jpg

Everyone needs a kiwi for a best friend.  Hello,  Hawaii. I'm a kiwi. I'm not pink or sparkly but I'd like to be your friend. We can be unique together. There's only one Kiwi and that's me. 

Hi, I'm Miso. 
Me so cute.
I am cute and cuddly
and i can't wait to be friends. 

heart 10.jpg

Members donate the puzzles to work on. Others are from bingo prizes.

Peer Support Puzzle:

The Peer Support Puzzle allows members who enjoy puzzles or who want to chat with someone at the table or listen during a group to meet different people, talk about what's on their mind and try their hand at a puzzle.  We have completed four all pieces there puzzles

peer support puzzle 3.jpg
peer support puzzle 1.jpg
peer support puzzle 2.jpg
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