Our beginnings

We began on July 20, 1995 in the State Hospital and moved to many locations including our most recent location http://cjonline.com/news-local/2012-06-

and even when we have financial struggle http://ksnt.com/2015/07/03/sunshine-connection-struggles-amidst-state-budget-cuts/

we still manage to hang in there.

It all started with one woman who had a dream to help people who had mental health challenges like herself to have more then just institutions and hospitals to look forward to. We are very glad she had the dream and opened up a new door for people who needed it.


Today there are 6 employees, and a new director who is learning the ropes. New Carpeting, new floor tiles and even a new ceiling in our activity room. It looks so much more home-like and welcoming. We hope many people will stop by and see it. The dream is still alive but it is a lot of work to fulfill it.

We hope to be open for many years to come.

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