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What is Sunshine Connection?

We are a Consumer Run Organization.  

What is a consumer?  A consumer is a person who has  Severe and Persistent Mental Health Challenges    

Contact Sunshine at:


Our Email is:

Consumer Talk



“It's nice to have a place where people understand where I'm coming from."

COVID-19 procedures:
The mask mandate has been removed. 
You may wear a mask if you wish but it is not required. Please keep one on your person at all times in case you need to or want to wear it. 

Temperatures are still being checked from the time you are picked up to the time you are in the building. 

When signing in you must write your temp. please print on sign in sheet. 


"During quarantine it is nice to have online groups to be in and phone calls from Sunshine to keep from being so isolated."

"I'm glad we get to come into Sunshine again. While i enjoy the online groups and phone calls, seeing my fellow peers is what i enjoy most."

What we help you with:

1 Finding housing 

We have resources to help you with finding housing including:  internet.  

We also have community resources like Topeka Independent Living Resource Center.


2  Volunteering/Employment

We can help you with getting applications filled out,  community resources and  using internet as well.  We can talk to job supervisors for you if you want someone to help advocate for you.

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Volunteer of the Year

Meet Betty Huggins, 
She loves to cook for everyone and her food brings smiles to everyone's face. She makes food that tastes great and makes you feel good.  

In addition to cooking at Sunshine Connection and volunteering to cook for her community, Betty loves to play recreational games like dominoes and cards. 

Betty is also on our the board at Sunshine. 
She has a unique sense of humor and doesn't sugar coat things.  

3  We offer many opportunities for peer support. 

You can call us and talk or Facebook or contact us messenger us if want to talk and we have people in the CRO who can talk to you if you need peer support. 

The Sunshine Connection wishes to RECOGNIZE and thank these special organization and people for their kindness to Sunshine Connection:

KDADS: for supporting Sunshine with their grant money.

Faith Lutheran Church: for their monthly and yearly financial contributions

Topeka Rescue Mission: for their contribution of food.

Lori Dutton: for her continuous help with taxes and finances.

The Women’s Network: for their donation of bingo prizes.

Delta Dental : for their donation of toothbrush kits 

The miscellaneous contributors who donate aluminum cans.

City of Topeka : for their bottles of sanitizers

NAMI: for their donation of gym memberships 

Rita Adams: for her donation of supplies and many other donors who have helped our organization.

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